Christian Counselling~Deep Healing ~Lasting Deliverance

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Counselling helps us to overcome life’s problems and to maximise opportunities.
At various times in our lives we can find ourselves troubled, weighed down or overcome by life’s twists and turns.

Often the issues that bother us originate not just from the current stressors, but also from  wounds (trauma) , strongholds and mindsets.

These can outwork as  destructive habits; negative thinking urges, or behaviours- that seem uncontrollable. Feelings of despair, depression,  anxiety  and even wanting to run away or commit suicide. Left untreated, these issues can be debilitating and we feel isolated and desperate

For an appointment please text 0451 533 608

The good news is that seeing a counsellor does help. Not only does the safe, therapeutic setting of the sessions provide welcome relief and support but your counsellor has tools that will help you resolve hurts of the past, heal from life’ setbacks and move forward into healthier living. Together as you and your counsellor explore the options God has for you, you will experience the Holy Spirit’s active involvement in setting you free, and experience growing intimacy with Jesus and those who you hold dear.

Christian Counselling Services: Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise) and Brisbane (CBD)

Christian Counselling~Deep Healing ~Lasting Deliverance


Christian Counselling~Deep Healing ~Lasting Deliverance


For an appointment please phone 0451 533 608


Christian Counselling~Deep Healing ~Lasting Deliverance :

– Anxiety (e.g., Phobias, Panic, Worry)
– Mood (e.g., Depression, Hypomania)
– Obsessions & Compulsions (e.g., OCD)
– Traumatic Stress (e.g., PTSD, Abuse)
– Dissociation and Depersonalization
– Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
– Self-Harming & Suicidal Behaviours
– Insomnia & Sleep Difficulties
– Attention & Concentration Difficulties
– Grief & Bereavement
– Life Adjustment Issues
– Chronic Illness & Pain Management
– Addictions (e.g., Substances, Sex, Masturbation, )
– Eating Disorders (e.g., Bulimia, Binging)
– Relationship & Parenting Problems
– Behaviour Problems
– Anger Problems
– Workplace & Career Issues
– Shyness & Social Skills Difficulties
– Stress Management & Relaxation
– Self-Esteem & Identity

Christian Counselling~Deep Healing ~Lasting Deliverance