Visit QLD for your christian counselling

We are able to take clients travelling from interstate or from other Australian states. We offer special  interstate client rates and can help with accommodation and travel information.

Clients have travelled to see us from as far North as Innesfail and as far South as Victoria (No clients from Tasmania as yet) . Often both husband and wife have counselling for several days each.

These counselling “intensives” usually give clients considerable growth and healing  in the areas they are seeking counsel for and is a time and cost efficient way of participating in therapy.

Local clients can also book longer sessions if they choose to.

Whether you choose to have your counselling consultations in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, both are great holiday destinations so you can use the trip over for rest, relaxation and tourist activities as well.

Counselling is a form of coaching and often essential for personal and professional development (when you sense that there are blockages that are preventing you from achieving the next level in realising your goals). Check with your accountant to see if your cost associated with your coaching sessions can claimed as business deductions or tax deductions.

Overseas clients also most welcome. Booking in advance is essential so we can block our successive days for you.