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Current Counsellors:

Simon Day

Melanie Day

Being a Christian Counsellor is the best job on earth. Every week we  have the privilege of seeing  our clients gain  progressive healing and freedom from chronic and long term issues . Freedom is possible !

We are Christian Counsellors practising in South East Queensland, Australia for the edification and maturing of the body of Christ…. To Him be the glory forever and ever!!

We are trained in a comprehensive counselling model that seeks to gives free reign to Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit as the ultimate counsellor, healer, saviour, friend, brother, teacher, provider, prophet, high priest…

We are skilled in dealing with the demonic component (if present) in the illness or problem. Our clients often receive breakthrough fast.  When counselling Christians we at times utilise  healing prayer ministry strategies and address the generational factors present in the issue.  Some problems are complex and caused by a combination of variables. We systematically and thoroughly work through each contributing element of the problem. reducing each ones impact until resolution and healing is achieved.

We offer counselling for individuals as well as Relationship/Marriage Counselling.

The body is a reflector of the soul and spirit and when we deal with the roots to the issues healing for both mental and physical illness follow

If any of the following symptoms are in your life please make an appointment with us. Counselling does help. Not only do we help you gain insight into the problem but we facilitate healing at a deep level:

– Anxiety (e.g., Phobias, Panic, Worry)
– Mood (e.g., Depression, Hypomania)
– Obsessions & Compulsions (e.g., OCD)
– Traumatic Stress (e.g., PTSD, Abuse)
– Dissociation and Depersonalization
– Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
– Self-Harming & Suicidal Behaviours
– Insomnia & Sleep Difficulties
– Attention & Concentration Difficulties
– Grief & Bereavement
– Life Adjustment Issues
– Chronic Illness & Pain Management
– Addictions (e.g., Substances, Sex, Masturbation, )
– Eating Disorders (e.g., Bulimia, Binging)
– Relationship & Parenting Problems
– Behaviour Problems
– Anger Problems
– Workplace & Career Issues
– Shyness & Social Skills Difficulties
– Stress Management & Relaxation
– Self-Esteem & Identity